Just reminiscing…

This is something that I meant to post a while ago, but I just got busy and never got around to it. It’s a list I kept all summer of all the reasons that Interlochen is the most amazing place on the planet.

Things I love about Interlochen…
1.  Being surrounded by trees
2.  Knowing people stayed in my cabin long before I was born
3.  Seeing the sun on the lake
4.  The way the rain sounds on the roof
5.  The smell of dryer sheets when you walk by Hemmingway
6.  Knickers and kneesocks
7.  So much ice cream at the Melody Freeze
8.  All the graffiti on the cabin walls
9.  Wearing a uniform
10.  Feeling the breeze from the lake
11.  Seeing the lake from my cabin window
12.  Sleeping with the windows open
13.  Being surrounded by people who understand
14.  Looking out at division from my cabin
15.  Girls in red knee socks
16.  The way nothing is ever really dry
17.  Friendship bracelets
18.  The way music comes from everywhere
19.  Waking up early and going to sleep early
20.  Falling asleep as the sun goes down
21.  Taps and slumber music
22.  Never setting an alarm
23.  Watching girls play amazing music
24.  Cabin nights
25.  Co-rec and mixer prepping and primping
26.  Black squirrels
27.  Morning flag and sleepy faces
28.  Using a flashlight at night
29.  Sandy cabin floors
30.  Reading to my campers at night
31.  Braiding so many french braids
32.  Trips to the beach and the dunes
33.  Incredible co-workers turned close friends
34.  First-time leadership roles
35.  The fact that jeans feel like a luxury
36.  Waking up at night when all the kids are asleep
37.  Singing Sound the Call
38.  Watching WYSO
39.  Being around such talented kids
40.  Being exhausted at night from working and playing so hard
41.  Bunk talks at night
42.  Hearing people practice in the practice huts during rest hour
43.  Bad coffee in Pinecrest
44.  Working office shifts and talking to kids and counselors
45.  Trips to the craft hut
46.  Being a part of such a huge history
47.  Feeling completely at home
48.  The Junior girls in Pinecrest
49.  Peanut butter No-Bakes!
50.  Jewish Services announcements
51.  Teaching kids to be well-rounded
52.  Hearing my senior recital music coming from an Intermediate practice hut
53.  Using a whole bottle of bug spray
54.  Wearing sweatshirts in the summer
55.  Team building games
56.  How live makes so much sense here, but no one at home will ever get it
57.  Knowing you’re being changed in a good way
58.  Getting and giving hugs all the time
59.  Hunting for ghosts on nights out
60.  Dreading LSP’s
61.  Having minimal things and clothes and being content
62.  Handwriting mail and getting letters
63.  Looking out at the water in Kresge
64.  Being myself and being ok with it
65.  Wearing socks with flip-flops
66.  Appreciating processed chicken
67.  Ad staff meetings when everybody is happy
68.  Knowing you’re touching kids’ lives
69.  Appreciating 7 weeks of summer camp more than 5 1/2 years of college
70.  Kayaking
71.  The wildflowers that grow everywhere
72.  Cherry yogurt in Pinecrest
This post can go on forever, and I know I’ll think of more things, but that’s a solid start.  Man, I miss that place.

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