Pass the tissues…

I’m watching My Sister’s Keeper.  The other night I watched The Lovely Bones.  What’s next, you ask, Terms of Endearment?  I think I’m going through the tear-jerkers because it gives me a reason to cry.  I’m not sad, per se, but sometimes I get filled with this overwhelming emotion that I just can’t name.  I think it’s a lot of stuff put together.  I’ve felt every feeling in the book in the last weeks, and while none of them alone is too much, together they’re, well, a lot.  So these sad movies are sort of like and emotion patch of sorts.  They serve the purpose of not only letting me see the movies of books I’ve really enjoyed, but also let’s me cry for a determined amount of time for a specific purpose.  And then I go to sleep. 

Today was a hard day and I’m glad it’s almost over.

And I have a mattress pad on my bed now, so hopefully I will get to sleep well.  That is, if Boy Cat doesn’t scream all night.  I haven’t slept more than a few consecutive hours since I’ve been here, partly because my bed hasn’t been comfortable, and partly because the raging hormones coursing through my cat constantly remind him that there’s some Single Ladies outside that need some kitty lovin.’  But as of Thursday, all that will be over. 

More mattress pad, less kitty balls.  Everything is falling into place.


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