Quite worth sharing

I read this just now on my very favorite blog dooce.com, and it was the first thing today to make me smile.  Well, the thing other than the instructor in my yoga class this morning telling us, groaning in pain with our legs hovering 6 inches above our mats, stomach muscles convulsing in strain, that we were stronger than the women’s Division One team because we didn’t cheat when she turned around.  “Yes, you can now all take everyone on the IU Women’s Golf Team.”  At least there’s something.

I digress.  Out of context, I think this is even better.  Enjoy, and then probably go read the whole blog.

“So we sang those [lyrics] instead. And the church lesson to take away from all of this, obviously, is hey kids! BUCK THE FUCK UP! Life is hard and mostly sucks, and when Daddy dies from frostbite and Mama has to marry another man who already has three other wives? What do we do? SING!”

Now, off to work.

(Buck the fuck up.  Hahahaha… I’m going to have to remember that.)


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