Oh, shit, where did I leave my lunch??

I haven’t written anything in this thing in a really long time now, but these pics were too good not to put together into a cohesive little post.  I’ve put them individually on Facebook, but I think that together they’re just fantastic.  Enjoy!

I’m not sure why this keeps happening, but I keep finding food left in strange places.  Perhaps it’s because people are so distracted these days, not really being in the moment and actually paying attention to what they’re doing, but I think this is really strange and slightly hilarious.  Here’s a tour of what I’ve seen:

Can’t find your peanut butter sandwich?  You left it on the cement pole at a Chevron in Alpharetta.  Obviously.

Oh, and I found your cookies neatly stacked and still in the ruffly, paper wrapper on the floor of the elevator in the Dekalb County Courthouse.  The one furthest to the right.

And last but not least, Cheetos stashed with the bathroom scales.  Forget buyers remorse, someone felt bad just carrying them around and this display just pushed them over the edge.  So here they sit.  And I’m willing to bet that it’s NOT the guy that I saw a month or so ago at L.A. Fitness with the open bag of Doritos propped up on his treadmill.

So, keep your eyes out and perhaps you, too, can find a little snack hiding where you least expect it.


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