Now is the Time


“I want my spirit to learn and grow and I want to share what I learn with others. My soul may be infinite, but my human body here is still relatively young. There is still time for me here. There is still time, but NOW is the time.”

I just came across this writing of mine from a few months ago. I can feel the truth of it resonate inside me, and yet still sometimes I’m not sure where to go with it. Do you ever feel like this? What is it that you yearn to do that you haven’t yet done? What’s holding you back? I freely admit have unhelpful reoccurring thoughts that have turned into beliefs that tint the way I see the world and how I interact in it. I am working to replace them with thoughts-turned-beliefs that help me shape my life into my dreams. I’m standing in my own way. Do you ever stand in your own way? What better time to begin to challenge those thoughts — now is the time.


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